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Web Standards

As mentioned in my previous post, Push Forward, I have the opportunity to make some vast improvements to the structure and coding of a new website that my employers are launching. Unfortunately, I’ve been instructed to complete the site as it is first, and worry about this stuff later – mainly due (I think) to the people in charge’s lack of understanding surrounding the advantages of designing and building to web standards.

I have therefore been scouring the Internet for ammunition to backup my argument when the time comes to put my case forward. There are a lot of useful articles out there, but for my purpose, this short presentation from sums it up excellently:

Many thanks to Paul Boag, who encourages everyone to download and use this presentation to spread the word about standards based design & development. Feel free to use this information in whatever way you wish:

If you’ve seen a useful article which could be used against the forces of evil, please post a link and share :)

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