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So, I have finally given in and signed up to another social networking tool. Twitter.

After leaving my Myspace account to rot, and barely touching Facebook since registering, I feel I’m not really the social network entrepreneur’s target customer…

I had put it off for a long time, under the misconception that it would take time to figure out what to do and how to set it up. This is not the case! Within minutes I could update my status and had invested in the Tweetie application for my iPhone (upon Paul Boag’s recommendation).

Not only is it easy to use, I can use it to save myself the bother of logging onto Facebook to update, as it has the ability to suck my status’ straight out of twitter’s API.

Since signing up, I have found it to be a veritable font of knowledge – proving countless useful links to excellent articles throughout the web and allowing priceless insight into the minds of those I admire.

Feel free to follow me on twitter, or simply see the sidebar for my latest tweets (My Twitterverse), thanks to WordPress’ wonderful Twitter for WordPress plugin.

Happy tweetings!


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