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Summer is here!

design-is updated

Whilst the sun has decided to shine on the UK at last, all it seems to have done for me is make me a little less comfortable in my chair at work, instilled a yearning to go outside, and made me a little more sleepy.

However, time has been ticking on, so let’s have a little catch up on what’s been happening since Calm before the Storm:

  • Writing some posts about useful things I’ve found and learnt.

^ Started a couple, but not quite finished any.

  • Re-building my freelance site using WordPress for the back-end.

^ Complete! is now a lot more professional looking with a lot more content – head over and have a look.

  • Getting up-to-date with admin.

^ Pretty much there, although getting it all organised would be a good thing to do next.

^ Unfortunately the corporate cogs haven’t quite found the time yet.

  • Contacting existing clients.

^ Hot on the heels of my renovated freelance site came the first instalment of ‘design-is: updated‘, my newsletter to clients and prospects. I foresee this becoming a vital touch point, allowing me to easily inform readers of new offers and services.

  • Following up leads.

^ Progress made, but an unending tasks when leads keep coming.

  • Investigate post-grad certificate.

^ I wasn’t overly convinced that Birkbeck University knew what courses they were running when I attended their open day, but assuming I can find the cash, I’ll be looking into their offering more thoroughly as the months progress.

Other recent events include the Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2009, in which they gave a nice little bump to their laptop range, took us through the latest features of their upcoming operating system Snow Leopard, and released the iPhone we all wish they had released the first time around. Yes, having upgraded from my first generation iPhone, I am now the proud owner of an iPhone 3GS. Now boasting both media messaging and video recording capabilities along side its (slightly) improved camera, this new hardware is the perfect accompaniment to their new OS 3.0 software.

Other noteworthy events include a couple of completed websites (see Case Studies on new and attending the exhibition of finalists for the Young Designers Competition at Dulwich College. Whilst there I caught up with Luke Riggall, the young designer I recently completed a portfolio for who has made quite an impact on the ‘blogosphere’ with his advanced product designs.

Luke Riggall on Novanta, his 'designers desk'.

Luke Riggall on Novanta, his 'designers desk'.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summery weather that has finally arrived on the wonderful island of Britain!

(If your not in Britain, I hope you’re having lovely weather too :) ).

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2 Responses to “Summer is here!”

  1. dave Says:

    Doug: you’ve slipped in some typos. may I correct…?

    PARA 1 : ‘all it seems to HAVE done’
    PARA 2 : so LET’S have
    Contacting existing clients : ‘hot on the HEELS..’
    Birkbeck were were ?



  2. Doug Says:

    Thanks for spotting – Always open to corrections :)

    And… now they’re fixed!

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