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I was recently privileged enough to attend the HTML and CSS training courses, offering me a chance to pick the brains of some of the webs ‘go-to guys’, Drew McLellan and Rachel Andrew.

Drew McLellan as teacher

The courses, comprising of two, 1 day sessions were squarely aimed at building a foundation of understanding which is then put to the test through a series of topical tasks. When I first heard of these through the Boagworld podcast, they immediately sounded perfect. I had often sought after a compact, feature full, session with a trustworthy source that would fill the gaps in my knowledge and either confirm I was heading in the right direction, or set me straight if not.

These couple of days were just what the doctor ordered.

I now feel I can confidently say I know what I’m talking about, having not only a firm grasp of what, but also now why.

Moreover, I am now more than ever convinced that my future lies within the field of web design & development.

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