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Calm before the Storm

Sorry to any readers for the lack of new content! I’ve had a lot on recently and have let my blogging, tweeting and general web presence slip a bit…

I’m a day away from a week long break, after which I hope to achieve a long list of things. These include:

  • Writing some posts about useful things I’ve found and learnt.
  • Re-building my freelance site using WordPress for the back-end.
  • Getting up-to-date with admin.
  • Getting approval on an improved website (previously mentioned).
  • Contacting existing clients.
  • Following up leads.
  • Investigate post-grad certificate.

Until then, I’ll leave you with an encounter I had this morning:

A kid in a hoodie mumbled something to be on my way from the bus stop… I stopped, looked at him, and raised my eyebrows to signal he should repeat…

“Can you buy me a cigar please?” said he.

“Sorry?” Said I, looking puzzled – I must have misheard…

“Will you buy a cigar for me..?” he said, louder, using the pound coin in his hand to gesture toward the newsagent next to the bus stop.

Continuing my puzzled look, I simply replied “No…”, walked off, looked back still puzzled, and then headed to work.

A cigar… Whatever next?!

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